1 .After the new car arriving, the vehicle runs unstraightly when braking. The brake is air disc brake. Could you please tell me the reason?
Reply: Hello, Dear customers 
   There are many reasons that may cause the vehicle pulling to one side when braking. Considering the reasons of the brake, we have the following suggestions:
   Above all, please observe the following points:
   First, possibly the input pressure of the canister is different between the right and left brakes. If it’s different, please contact with the assembly plant to change.
   Secondly, find out whether the canister, the specifications, performance, manufacturers of the brakes are same. If not, please contact with the assembly plant to change.
   Thirdly,,check whether there are cracks on working surface of the rotor and the surface is smooth or not, check whether there are scraggy ,oil and other phenomena on working surfaces. Suggest to clean the working surface of rotor before checking. If there are cracks , uneven surfaces , please contact with the assembly plant to change.
   If the above problems do not exist, I suggest the following approach:
   Exchange the brakes, the air canister and air pipes, then check whether the vehicle still pulls to the same side as before after exchanging. If still pulls to the same side, please contact with the assembly plant, because the problem may be caused by the vehicle not the brake.


2.After a half year’s using, the brakes become weak. when braking, Could you please tell me the reason? The vehicle uses air disc brake and there is no this kind of problem when the car is new.
    Reply: Hello, dear customers
    We have the following suggestions as reference:
    Firstly. Would you please tell me whether you had replaced the friction pad? Unsuitable friction pads may give you weak brake.
    Please select the assigned manufacturer by the assembly plant or brake manufacturer to buy the friction pad.
    Secondly. After a half year’s using, we suggest your vehicle has a warranty checking and test to find out whether the brake system has any other problem that may exist.